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I'm currently on hiatus from all RPing, but the Terre d'Ange Roleplay Boards are super rad! Send me asks for more information, or just come and join them!

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Stony Brook LGBTA is raising money for the Ali Forney Center at its annual Drag Show!

Hey all, so my university’s Drag Show is coming up next Thursday and Friday and we’re fundraising for the Ali Forney Center, a homeless shelter for LGBTQ* youth. AFC was hit really hard by Super-Hurricane-Storm Sandy back in November and needs things like money, clothes, etc.

SO! If you want to see me femmed up to the nines and lip-synching “I’d Like to Come” by the Wet Spots, please donate! If we make $500 by the end of the first night (April 11, 2013), I am putting a video of it up on tumblr.

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